Elixir ERP Purchasing module provides you with complete control of your purchase from purchase requisition to material receipts. Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order generation, Multiple receipts against a purchase order, Supports material receipts in multiple locations, Integrates to accounts payable and inventory control, Provides purchase history by item and vendor, Tracking of pending purchase request and purchase orders, and Linked transaction.


In enquiry log we can track items delivered timely or not and customer enquiry status. As per the enquiry status management can track the faults in the delivery of items to customers.


Records the custody items provided to the customers like bottle custody, dispenser custody etc. Also for group customers like the corporate customers it tracks the custody given to each site or to each locations.


Elixir ERP distribution module tracks all the entries of credit customer through the delivery note and provides the invoicing facility. ERP computes invoice in single click for all credit customers for delivery notes.


Elixir Erp inventory module will helps the tracking of total inventory stock quickly and accurately. Software provides stock entry through purchase of raw materials and production entry for finished goods. System can traces in and out quantities through vehicle in and out. In case of stock differance in stock can be booked against delivery team or production team.


Work order manages to record all the complaints against the coolers or other products delivered to the customers. Support visit entry can be made through the system and proper service follow-up request can be processed through the software. System notifies if any parts has been used from the store and take care of charges if applicable through the financial module.


Customer registration helps to manage customer information's like name, mobile number, location etc. which are very much essential for the distribution companies to make proper delivery of their products. Elixir Distribution can generate the order of customer in route wise. Elixir Distribution have facility to attach all scanned documents such as location and custody details etc..