Elixir ERP : Sales

Elixir ERP Manage sales flow completely, from orders to invoicing and collections. Enquiry registration and follow-up , Generates multiple quotations , Multiple Price level settings based on cost, list price and customer wise, Discount options, Converts selected or entire items of a quotation to sales order , Facility to copy Sales order , Credit limit verification for sales orders , Keeps multiple customer contacts , Provides options to enter notes and attach documents for each order , Printing packing list feature , Pending Sales order and delivery tracking , Prepares delivery note from multiple sales orders , Invoice generation based on sales order/delivery notes , Support direct invoicing without sales order or delivery note , Summary Invoicing , Sales history by product and by customer , Integrates to accounts receivable and inventory control , Allow bundling of items , Customer wise item code description, barcode, unit sales rate etc,


Record enquiries for products/services from customers, with despatch address, terms and conditions, etc. You may also cancel enquiries fully or partly.


Record products ordered with delivery dates, terms and conditions, delivery address, and advances – against or without quotations.The notion applies equally well to preorders.


Record quotations submitted to customers, against or without enquires, along with terms and conditions, despatch address etc. Cancel quotations fully or partly.


Deliver stocks based on pending orders, store delivery address etc with free items delivered, applicable taxes, and terms and conditions. process of transporting goods from a source location to a predefined destination.


Create customer invoices against or without orders/ deliveries. Create an invoice without orders or deliveries. Create Invoices at a particular branch/location, with automatic or manual taxes.


Record stocks returned by customers, and record optionally reference of sale invoice or a delivery note. Purchases returns, or returns outwards, are a normal part of business