Elixir ERP : Work Order

A work order is an order received by an organization from a customer or client, or an order created internally within the organization. A work order may be for products or services. In a manufacturing environment, a work order is converted from a sales order to show that work is about to begin on the manufacture, building or engineering of the products requested by the customer. In a service environment, a work order can be equivalent to a service order where the WO records the location, date and time the service is carried out and the nature of work that is done.


If a customer needs to service or manufacture a particular item or part of a machine, they will approaches a service center or a manufacturer, then service center or manufacturer will collect the details of item and issues with the item will be recorded in the Job enquiry form.


After creating job estimation, user can create quotation for estimated work. In Job quotation user can specify the raw materials cost and number of raw materials to be used for service or manufacture the particular item and any additional charges also specify in the quotation.


In job estimation user can estimated charges for servicing or manufacturing. After detailed examination of item, the service center or manufacturer will generate the estimated time of completion, items to be used for this maintenance or manufacturing of service item.


After approval of Job quotation, service center will complete service or manufacturing of service item and they can enter all the details of servicing or manufacturing. Also user can enter used quantity of raw materials and other details.


After successful completion of Job order, if any kind of testing needed then service center will give for testing to third parties. User can enter the details of this testing and what are the items are given for testing and its follow up in the testing contract.


After successful completion of service or manufacturing and testing of items, user can generate the delivery note and invoice for items. User can enter job order closing details like what are the corrective actions done to resolve the issues , cause of this issue and preventive action done.