Job Costing


Project Management software is a time and project tracking ERP software system for creative professionals and companies. This smart project management software system provides time and expense tracking, productivity, and profitability analysis without the complexity and high cost of comparable systems. It is a simple, easy-to-use tool but powerful enough to give companies real-time information to boost billable hours, prioritize projects, keep the team up to speed, understand their business better, and thereby increase profits. Project management software system from Elixir is less process driven and more adaptable to the dynamic, demand-based environment of agile projects; all-in-one systems that accommodate the needs of projects across every industry.

  • Maximize team productivity
  • Get complete picture the progress of your project with Elixir Project Management software
  • A powerful easy-to-use tool that gives companies real-time information.
  • Complete control and analysis of any project.
  • Accurate and up-to-date status information with notification alert system.
  • See the health of your projects in real time
  • Drill down to investigate problems and issues
  • Project visibility shows the project as a whole, allowing one to accurately predict the results of project constraints (scope, time, costs, etc).
  • Resource visibility shows the resources available in a project, allowing one to properly distribute and prioritize work.
  • Metric visibility shows the current status of certain elements of a project in relation to the end goal