Real Estate

Elixir Real Estate Management allows sales professionals to focus on revenue generating activities such as prospecting, property marketing, and selling by automating and supporting day-to-day sales management and listing activities. The cloud and desktop based real estate software platform designed to support the unique requirements of property professionals, working from any location in the office, conducting inspections or working from home.





Real-time and flexible reporting makes tenants payment dues to collect and there by generate income. Can set bulk tenant charges so that it will be more user friendly to generate or renew the contracts and system will generate alert to the end users even the manual entry is in incorrect.

Develop deeper relationships with prospects, buyers and vendors with Real Estate Managers’ automated activity plans, workflows and triggers to follow up on calls, appraisals, appointments, milestones or planned sales campaign activity.

Online application filling and converting into lease agreement after screening. Quick access to view all the agreements contracted during a period and also grade each of the agreement holders based on the performance.

Manage the sales process and ongoing buyer/vendor communication from listing through to contract and settlement. Monitor and track advertising, deposit payments, inspections& disbursements.